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Valerie -- Bayou Billionaires

Photo credit: Jake Harsh/CMT

VALERIE - Gerald and Kitten's oldest daughter who works for the public defender’s office in Shreveport and prides herself on being a legal professional. She and her three children: Jessica, Devyn and Nikki all live in a double-wide trailer on Gerald and Kitten's property. Valerie is a double-divorcee who claims she's not interested in getting back into the dating game, who has it tough raising three kids on her own. She is a stage mom-in-waiting when it comes to Nikki her precocious youngest daughter, who she believes should be the next Britney Spears or Katy Perry. Her relationship with her oldest daughter Jessica is turbulent at times, fueled mostly by her Jessica's rebellious nature. Valerie, of all the Dowdens, wants to live like a socialite. She constantly talks of going to the big city, dressing-up, going out on the town and mingling with celebrities.


   Bayou Billionaires