Programming Highlights February 4-10, 2008

Known for pushing the limits of mainstream country music with the genre-bending MuzikMafia, John Rich, of the hit country duo Big & Rich, takes on his biggest challenge yet, taking seven established performers from every realm of the entertainment and music industries and immersing them in all things country for a chance to break out as the next big country superstar. The one who is most successful at crossing-over by the end of the series, will have a country single produced by Rich. The tour bus picked up the seven cast members - Carnie Wilson, Dee Snider, Diana DeGarmo, Julio Iglesias Jr., Maureen McCormick, Sisqo, and lastly, the unlikely country hopeful, Bobby Brown - at different “Music City” landmarks, and now it is time to find out who has truly GONE COUNTRY. This week Rich takes the cast to Gretchen Wilson’s ranch to learn the country way of life. The “redneck woman” puts the group to work cleaning stalls, corralling yearlings and feeding horses; after all the chores are done, Wilson gives the cast gives a lesson in skeet shooting. That evening, the group heads downtown for a “Hick Chick” challenge involving a belching contest, a watermelon seed spitting competition and a toilet seat toss that causes tempers to flare. Premieres Friday, February 8 at 8:00 p.m., ET/PT

Comedian Bill Engvall is back with a new season of COUNTRY FRIED HOME VIDEOS, the series that shows what everyday Americans do for fun and 15 seconds of fame. CMT presents another heaping helping of hilarity with a third season of viewer-generated video moments like seeing the “female fallies” or when a ninety-year-old grandfather gets into the wrestling ring. In each 30-minute episode, the most hilarious video is awarded Engvall’s infamous “Here’s Your Sign” cash prize award. Premieres Friday, February 8 at 8:30 p.m., ET/PT

CMT gives a whole new meaning to “for better or for worse” in the new eight-episode series MY BIG REDNECK WEDDING. After scouring the country to find the most down-home country couples, CMT documents their journey down the aisle, as outrageous and over-the-top as it might be, in this new series. Each episode, hosted by Tom Arnold, features a different “redneck” wedding, each with its own rustic eccentricities, whether it is a four-legged best man, a romantic beer can canopy, a celebratory shotgun salute or a reception filled with mattress surfing and mud wrestling. This week’s episode features John and Gail, two newspaper delivery carriers, who are planning a redneck bash on the eastern shores of Maryland. In addition to an archway constructed out of beer cans, newspapers being used as tablecloths, and a good old-fashioned mechanical bull at the reception, John and Gail are going to have chickens released after the two say “I do” instead of the more traditional dove release. John's mom, whom they live with, isn't thrilled when she finds out the wedding is taking place in a flea market/bar/convenience/gas station. And when Gail's wedding dress she ordered on-line comes in twenty sizes too small, it will come down to the wire as the couple tries to tie up all the loose ends. One thing is for sure; this wedding will be headline news worthy! Premieres Friday, February 8 at 9:00 p.m., ET/PT

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