Gone Country 2 Episode Descriptions


Episode 201 (Premieres 8/15)
Country superstar John Rich has done it again: he's brought 7 pop culture icons down to Tennessee to find out if they have what it takes to Go Country! Can Sean Young, Mikalah Gordon, Lorenzo Lamas, Jermaine Jackson, Chris Kirkpatrick, Irene Cara and Sebastian Bach get into the Nashville lifestyle and write their very own country songs? And can they keep up with all the surprises JR will be tossing their way? Stay tuned!

Episode 202 (Premieres 8/22)
Day two for our Gone Country posse of pop stars starts off with a John Rich surprise: head on down to a Nashville photo shoot and find your inner country star look. Next, it's time to meet some professional country music songwriters and get busy creating their tunes. The night wraps up with an emotional bonfire and some late night friction between the cast members that could change the house forever!

Episode 203 (Premieres 8/29)
As the cast is still reeling from the previous night’s wild drama, JR tosses yet another challenge at them: they are loaded up on the Gone Country tour bus and sent out to parts unknown. The big shocker: they're going to prison. It's the real deal, with genuine hardened convicts. Can our cast entertain them, Johnny Cash-at-Folsom Prison-style? Gone Country has gone to the Big House!

Episode 204 (Premieres 9/5)
It’s time for the Gone Country Gang to get down and dirty, farm style! JR puts the cast to work as they rope the livestock and slop the pigs! Can these pampered celebrities pull their weight as real ranch hands? After they scrub the mud off, they’re off to JR’s Get Rich Talent Show to judge local talent based on the same criteria JR will be judging them. Find out if these country star wannabe’s have what it takes!

Episode 205 (Premieres 9/12)
Going Country is about getting personal with your fans. That’s the message JR wants to teach the cast when he has them hit the streets of Nashville and raise some cash for the Country Music Hall of Fame. Later, the gang goes to a demolition derby where they smash out their aggressions in front of hundreds of down-home country folk! Will the opportunity to crash cars into the competition be enough to keep the claws from coming out later?

Episode 206 (Premieres 9/19)
It’s one thing to have a home cooked country meal but it’s another thing when you have to hunt for the meal yourself - especially when you’re using a bow and arrow! Country star and bow-hunting expert Tracy Byrd gives the cast a lesson in bow-hunting and you won’t believe the meal they get! Later, JR invites the cast to his private club, but this isn’t a social call – it’s demo time for the cast to sing their songs-in-progress! JR strips their songs and performances down to the bone and makes it very clear that Going Country requires hard work and dedication. There can only be one winner in this game!

Episode 207 - FINALE! (Premieres 9/26)
It's the Gone Country finale and it all comes down to tonight. After weeks of learning the ropes to becoming a real deal country star, the cast is putting their best boot forward and showing off the songs they've written, and the stakes are raised when Kix Brooks, of Brooks & Dunn, announces he will reward the winner by giving their song precious country radio airplay on his weekly radio countdown. But with the pressures of last-minute decisions, tempers flare: the claws of competition are gnashing backstage! Can these guys keep it together long enough to perform in front of 4,000 Nashville country music fans? Because when the smoke finally clears, JR will only be able to pick one of them and declare that they have indeed GONE COUNTRY!


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