Outsiders Inn Episode Descriptions


Episode 1 – “Outsiders Get Inn” (Premieres 8/15)
OUTSIDER’S INN begins when McCormick discovers an inn, dubbed Pigeon Manor, that overlooks the Great Smoky Mountains and decides to lease it with the option to buy. Realizing the gravity of this undertaking, McCormick brings in Brown and Wilson to assist her in this new endeavor. While McCormick manages the inn and property, she appoints Brown entertainment director and Wilson assumes the role of master chef. Without much time to settle into their roles, their first guests start checking in.

Episode 2 – “Pigeon Idol” (Premieres 8/22)
Maureen announces to Bobby and Carnie that a judge has been booked at the inn. All three discuss what type of judge this might be. Once the guest arrives, Maureen discovers that it is actually her friend from “Celebrity Fit Club”, Ross “The Intern”. Ross is in town to judge the local Fiddler’s Roost annual local talent contest. After meeting Bobby and reuniting with Carnie, Ross suggests that the three celebrities serve as judges for the talent show.

Episode 3 – “Redneck Honeymoon” (Premieres 8/29)
Maureen shares with Bobby and Carnie that a newlywed couple will be arriving at the inn and are taking advantage of the Pigeon Manor Fantasy Package advertised in the local paper. She also shares some of the newlywed’s eclectic fantasy requests, which include a bathtub full of lime Jell-O, a midnight swim in the river and a romantic outdoor dinner with a special song. Meanwhile, Pigeon Manor is also hosting the annual Animal Courtship Conference. Not knowing exactly what this conference might entail, Maureen, Carnie and Bobby prepare for their guests’ arrivals.

Episode 4 – “Easy as Pie” (Premieres 9/5)
Maureen asks Bobby to escort some of the inn’s newest guests, the Burke Brothers, on a bear hunt. Not knowing much about this activity, Bobby turns to Phil “The Bear Hunter”, a local in the area, for help. Meanwhile, Maureen and Carnie are busy preparing for visits from the Cocke County Welcoming Committee and the town’s mayor. Maureen and Carnie decide to impress the mayor with their hosting and cooking abilities in hopes of obtaining a liquor license for the inn.

Episode 5 – “Coon Dogs” (Premieres 9/12)
During this episode, a local reporter works on her story of Maureen leasing the inn and recruiting her celebrity friends to help run it. The reporter is working hard to find out what Maureen is really up to, interviewing local shop and restaurant owners to get the scoop. Also during this episode, Maureen informs Carnie and Bobby that a “coon dog” group is checking into the inn. Bobby is not happy to hear this news and informs the two that he is scared of big dogs. Based on their previous experience with animals staying at the inn, Maureen, Carnie and Bobby decide on a “no dog policy.” While looking for a place to keep the coon dogs outside of the inn, Maureen discovers a trunk full of Southern Belle dresses and decides to play “dress up.”

Episode 6 – “And You Are?’ or “I’ve Been Hypnotized” (Premieres 9/19)
A therapist is coming to the Inn to treat a group of patients. The patients turn out to be celebrity impersonators suffering from identity crises. Unaware that the inn is run by actual celebrities, confusion sets in among the patients, the doctor and the locals regarding the legitimacy of Bobby, Maureen and Carney’s identities. The therapist offers Maureen an opportunity to deal with lingering identity issues from her years of playing Marcia Brady on the Brady Bunch.

Episode 7 – “Night On The Town” (Premieres 9/26)
At the beginning of this episode, Bobby announces that he must leave town for a concert in Detroit. He decides to take one of the inn’s employees, Leroy, to perform in the concert with him. With Bobby out of town, Maureen and Carnie decide to have a girl’s night out. Maureen and Carnie take Cocke County by storm and end up in handcuffs.

Episode 8 – “Family Feud” (Premieres 10/3)
In this final episode, Pigeon Manor plays host to their first wedding, but it does not go off without a hitch. It is also discovered that the bride and groom represent the Dotson and Starr families, who are embroiled in a longstanding feud. After making this discovery, Maureen, Carnie and Bobby decide to keep the families on separate floors to keep tempers from flaring, however problems continue to plague the three as they prepare for the wedding.


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