SWEET HOME ALABAMA Episodic Information


Episode 101 – Sweet Home Alabama: premieres Thursday, July 14 at 9p ET/PT
Devin, a beautiful young Southern Belle, begins her search for love by meeting 20 eligible suitors. Ten of them are traditional Southern Gentlemen, and the other ten are city slickers, who have come to the country with the intention of stealing her heart. The cultures clash in the house as the competition begins and rivalries emerge. Four potential suitors are dropped from contention.

Episode 102– Lighting on Mobile Bay: premieres Thursday, July 21 at 9p ET/PT
Lightning fills the sky, tension mounts in a house full of 16 potential suitors and the romance heats up as the private dates begin. A huge fight erupts in the house when a city guy tries to take over the country guy’s grill. Two more potential suitors are sent away rejected.

Episode 103– Sorting the Herd: premieres Thursday, July 28 at 9p ET/PT
Devin takes the guys to a cattle farm for a day of roping, and the city guys struggle with the farm life. Romantic dates take place on a rolling meadow, and scenic Orange Beach, and under the stars in downtown Fairhope, Alabama. One of the men breaks down after learning a rival has a deeper connection with Devin. Four more potential suitors are sent home.

Episode 104– Empire State of Mind: premieres Thursday, August 4 at 9p ET/PT
Devin surprises three city guys with an impromptu romantic trip to New York City. Jealousy mounts with the country guys while she is away. She goes from Times Square one night to the Deep South Speedway in Alabama the next, exploring whether her heart lies in the big city lights, or in her hometown. Three suitors are sent home heartbroken.

Episode 105– Home is Where the Heart Is: premieres Thursday, August 11 at 9p ET/PT
Devin takes the remaining suitors to her home town of Tuscaloosa, where they tour the tornado ravaged communities and volunteer in the cleanup effort. Romantic dates take place on a sailboat in Mobile Bay and at the 50-yard line of a football stadium. Rivalries flare up between the country guys and their city rivals. Two more potential suitors are sent home heartbroken.

Episode 106– A Southern Dad: premieres Thursday, August 18 at 9p ET/PT
Devin surprises the remaining men with a visit from her father, who holds nothing back in his overprotective instincts, and vows to find out if they have any secrets or improper intentions. An ATV ride through the mud turns romantic. One more potential suitor is sent home rejected.

Episode 107– The Final Four: premieres Thursday, August 25 at 9p ET/PT
Devin takes the final four suitors on the most romantic dates yet. Backdrops include the historic Dorgan's Inn on Mobile Bay, famed Lulu's restaurant, a hot air balloon fiesta, and scenic Bellingrath gardens. Two potential suitors are sent home heartbroken.

Episode 108- Devin's Final Choice: SEASON FINALE airs Thursday, September 1 at 9p ET/PT
The final two men compete for Devin's love as she makes her final decision.


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