Chris and Aimee

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Chris, 35, is a hard-working country boy from Shreveport, La. Chris and Aimee have dated for four years. Chris has one daughter, Christian and enjoys spending time outdoors—especially on his bass boat or out in the woods during deer season. His favorite road trip snacks are gummy worms and beef jerky. His favorite place visited on season 3 of MY BIG REDNECK VACATION was Deadwood, South Dakota because of the beautiful scenery.

Aimee, 38, is a self-described country girl from Shreveport, La., who loves the simple life. Aimee and her boyfriend Chris have dated for four years. Aimee has two children, Morgan and Mason, who are her life. Aimee enjoys most outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing and mud riding. Her favorite road trip snacks include gummy worms, beef jerky and chips and salsa. Aimee’s favorite destinations on season 3 of MY BIG REDNECK VACATION were Deadwood, South Dakota and Mount Rushmore.

Christian, 18, is from Shreveport, La. Christian describes herself as tomboy with a twist—she loves the outdoors and playing softball, but she also enjoys putting on makeup, talking on her cell phone and flirting with boys. Christian is close with her father, having grown up hunting and fishing with him. Her favorite road trip snack is Skittles and her favorite road trip stop on season 3 of MY BIG REDNECK VACATION was Colorado. 

Morgan, 16, is from Shreveport, La. and currently in the ninth grade. Morgan is a typical teenage girl who hates school but loves boys, clothes and parties. There are a few things that set Morgan apart from fellow teenage girls, though—she loves to hunt, fish and get muddy. Her favorite road trip snack is beef jerky and her favorite thing to do while on a road trip is sleep!

Mason, 11, from Shreveport, La., is in the sixth grade and likes to ride his bike, shoot his bow, fish and play with his black lab. Mason plays football for his school and hopes to play professionally in the future. His favorite road trip snack is string cheese and his favorite road trip game is “Go Fish.”


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