Doug and Wendy

Photo Credit: Michael Lavine

Doug, 30, is a registered nurse from Shreveport, La. Doug and his wife, Wendy, have two kids, Brody and Presley. Doug does things at his own pace and never gets in a hurry for anyone or anything—unless it involves getting ready for hunting season. Doug tends to be the jokester of the group, loving to irritate his family. He enjoys taking his wife and kids mud riding.

Wendy, 28, is a pediatric nurse from Shreveport, La. Wendy is married to Doug and has two kids, Brody and Presley. Wendy is athletic and loves playing sports, but mud riding is her favorite outdoor activity. Her favorite road trip snacks include ranch corn nuts, sunflower seeds and caramel milky ways. Wendy’s favorite destination on season 3 of MY BIG REDNECK VACATION was the cattle ranch in Colorado. 

Brody, 6, enjoys helping his mother clean the house, especially vacuuming. Brody loves movie nights and popcorn with his mother. Brody has a hair fascination—whether it is his or someone else’s, he’ll fix it. Brody loves to be outside and also loves to visit his grandparents—all five sets of them!

Presley, 3, is a spitfire of a toddler, but as “Daddy’s little girl,” she gets her way most of the time. Presley enjoys mud riding with her parents and brother and would rather be outside than indoors any time of the day.


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