Jared and Michelle

Photo Credit: Michael Lavine

Jared, 29, from Shreveport, La., has one son and is married to Michelle. He and Michelle recently welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Liliann. Jared enjoys hunting, fishing and mud riding. His favorite road trip snack is pizza rolls and his favorite game to play on the road is cards. Jared enjoyed going to South Dakota on season 3 of MY BIG REDNECK VACATION because he went to a shooting range and shot several types of guns.

Michelle, 24, is a self-described “country princess” from Shreveport, La. Michelle is married to Jared and they have one daughter together, Liliann. She is a girly girl who enjoys shopping and having her nails done, but these things don’t stop her from getting down and dirty either – she also enjoys mud riding, fishing and hunting with Jared. Michelle’s favorite road snack is ranch corn nuts and her favorite game to play on the road is the license plate game!


Heather Allison


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