Episode 101 Cast Bios

Episode #101

Brett, 30
5’8, 205 Lbs.
Hometown: Forney, TX
Occupation: HS Football Coach
Specialty: Power Lifting

Brett is a highly competitive guy, who will do everything possible to win. He has wrestled professionally and teaches power lifting. To keep in shape, he serves as a high school football offensive line and strength & conditioning coach. He doesn’t believe in bullying in life, but anything goes in competition. If Brett wins the $10,000 he plans on putting it towards his kids’ college funds.

Dustin, 27
5’11, 190 Lbs.
Hometown: Grove, OK
Occupation: Waiter
Specialty: Soccer

Dustin is a country boy from Oklahoma who grew up with a hard work pays off attitude. He strengthened his soccer skills while in college. He weight trains and hikes often to keep fit. He is dedicated to finishing anything he starts and refuses to quit or make up excuses for things that don’t go his way. He is used to pushing his body to the extreme. If Dustin wins the $10,000 he plans on taking care of his family, as his wife is pregnant with their first child.

Jason, 27
6’0, 215 Lbs.
Hometown: Watervliet, NY
Occupation: Mental Health Therapist
Specialty: Bodybuilding

Jason enjoys seeing others lose at his expense. He trains three hours a day, six days a week weight lifting and strength training. He doesn’t use any types of steroids and is infuriated by body builders that do. He is a thrill seeker who skydives, cliff jumps and snowboards for fun. If Jason wins the $10,000, he wants to help his dad out with his medical expenses.

Todd, 27
6’0, 193 Lbs.
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Occupation: Gym Owner
Specialty: Tae Kwon Do

Todd grew up being a small kid always competing against bigger kids. He believes it helped make him the athlete he is today. Todd has fought in MMA and can clean and jerk 285 pounds. He says his beard is the source of his power. If he wins the $10,000 he plans on investing it back into his gym.

Ryon, 24
6’3, 195 Lbs.
Hometown: St. John, Virgin Islands
Occupation: Independent Contractor
Specialty: Rugby

Ryon considers himself to be mentally tougher than anyone. He grew up playing soccer, which taught him lots of discipline, but he believes his years of playing rugby prepared him for anything. He likes to hunt and enjoys taking down his prey weather it’s in the woods or on the field. If Ryon wins the$10,000, he will invest $1,000 in Coppertone and the other $9,000 will go towards a trip to Africa.

Joe, 27
5’10, 195 Lbs.
Hometown: Reynoldsburg, OH
Occupation: Arena Football Player
Specialty: CrossFit

Joe is a guy who likes to get in your head and mentally screw with you. He’s a defensive back who enjoys taking down bigger guys than him. He cross fits, runs, and strength trains to keep himself in game shape. He grew up betting others that he could beat them in any competition. If Joe wins the $10,000 he plans on taking a well-needed European vacation with his fiancée. 

Kyle, 30
6’6, 210 Lbs.
Hometown: Lawndale, CA
Occupation: Shuttle Driver
Specialty: Wrestling

Kyle is a self-proclaimed trash talker. He says his mouth is his biggest weapon. Besides wrestling, he inline skates, weight lifts and strength trains. He is very confident in his abilities as an athlete and considers himself to be truly gifted. He collects action figures for a hobby. If Kyle wins the $10,000 he plans on buying a new car to replace the one that recently got totaled.

Daniel, 24
5’10, 190 Lbs.
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Occupation: Personal Trainer
Specialty: Bodybuilding

Daniel is a Nebraska farm boy that grew up doing lots of physical labor. He had to compete and work for everything he got. He played four years of college football, runs obstacle courses for fun and is always in the gym strength training. In 2008, he blew out his achilles, but in just six months he was back training. He doesn’t let anyone out work him in the gym. If Daniel wins the $10,000 he plans on saving for a new car.


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