Episode 102 Cast Bios

Ashley, 27
5’10” 150 Lbs.
Hometown: Palmdale, CA
Occupation: Boot Camp Instructor 
Specialty: Distance Running

Ashley is an adrenaline and fitness junkie. She loves skydiving, cycling, running marathons and yoga. Through fitness Ashley was able to over come her addiction to alcohol which has made her not only physically stronger, but mentally as well. She competes in bikini competitions, but her true passion is running her boot camp, where she enjoys putting her clients through the ringer to get fit. If Ashley wins the $10,000, she plans on using it to help expand her boot camp business.

Colleen, 31
5’9” 145 Lbs.
Hometown: Syracuse, NY
Occupation: Professional MMA Fighter
Specialty: Tae Kwon Do

Colleen is a professional MMA fighter who plans on beating her competition into submission. Her background in Muay Thai, Jin Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, wrestling and weight lifting make her one tough customer to mess with. She has no problem pushing her body to the breaking point to achieve results. Besides being a bad ass, Colleen is also a smart ass graduating from UC Berkley with a physics degree. If she wins the $10,000, she plans on using it to help out her mom.

Ogom, 29
5’7” 146 Lbs.
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Professional Football Player
Specialty: Track and Field

Ogom, aka “The Nigerian Knockout” is a full throttle, in your face lingerie football player that doesn’t mess around. She’s been known to twerk on her opponents’ heads after taking them down. For fun, she likes to weight lift, play soccer and volleyball. Even though she’s tough and loves to talk trash, according to her this home girl needs to look good at all times. If Ogom wins the $10,000, she plans on putting it into her bikini line business.

Melissa Miller, 25
5’6” 140 Lbs.
Hometown: Fenton, MI 
Occupation: Student
Specialty: Obstacle Racing

Melissa sees herself as her own competition. The former division one soccer player is also a Spartan warrior, who likes to bike, run and ski. She is not intimidated by anyone or anything. She thrives under pressure and hates to lose. She is obsessed with hockey and believes she has a man’s sense of humor. If she wins the $10,000, she plans on paying off her student loans.

Alysha, 25 
5’4” 140 Lbs
Hometown: Ft. Scott, KS
Occupation: Youth Boxing Coach
Specialty: Body Building

Alysha grew up on a farm, as the only girl with 5 brothers. She knows what hard work is and isn’t afraid of it. She is a boxer, body builder, obstacle racer, avid rock climber and rodeo girl. There is nothing you can throw at her that she hasn’t seen. If she wins the $10,000, she plans on opening up a fitness gym.

Shellane, 47
5’7” 153 Lbs.
Hometown: Casselberry, FL
Occupation: Trainer
Specialty: CrossFit

Shellane may be older than her competition, but according to her that means nothing. The former military police officer has seen it all. She’s used to performing under pressure in high stress environments. She’s a body builder and cross fit trainer that believes her legs will propel her to victory. By taking part in this competition she wants all the women to see that being over 40 is just the beginning, not the end. If Shellane wins the $10,000, she plans on bringing her father to Florida who she has not seen in five years.

Kalin, 24
5’4” 130 Lbs.
Hometown: Orange, CA
Occupation: Marketing Coordinator
Specialty: CrossFit

Kalin may look and act like a girly girl, but she’s explosive. This marketing coordinator is a former Division I tennis star and uses CrossFit to keep in shape. Her whole life people have underestimated her because of her size, and that’s just how she likes it. If she wins the $10,000 she plans to raise awareness for colon cancer in her hometown.

Tessa, 28
5’6” 143 Lbs.
Hometown: Corpus Christi, TX
Occupation: Sports Talk Radio Host
Specialty: Weight Lifting

Tessa aka “The Texas Terror” is a beast in all facets of her life. The radio sports talk host isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She works out every day lifting, doing CrossFit and body building. She’s all in, all the time. She hates losing more than anything and it bothers her for days. If Tessa wins the $10,000 she plans to take a trip to Australia and get married to her boyfriend. 


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