Episode 103 Cast Bios

Episode #103

Brandon, 30 
5’9”, 185lbs
Hometown: Warwick, RI
Occupation: Ex-Cop
Specialty: Obstacle Racing

Brandon is a former police officer turned personal trainer. He is so focused on his fitness, he grew a beard to scare off women at the gym. The 30 year old enjoys high intensity workouts and activities that enhance his endurance. He has competed in several Spartan Races, CrossFit competitions and Road Races. Training 7 days a week has Brandon almost a hundreds pounds lighter than his days in the force. If Brandon brings home the $10,000 prize, he plans to recoup his pension, which he blew after several bad decisions over the years. 

Brian, 33 
5’9” 165lbs
Hometown: Anaheim, CA
Occupation: MMA Fighter
Specialty: Martial Arts

Brian lives by the motto “Pain during training goes away during victory”.
The former US Marine says boot camp was the hardest thing he’s ever done, so he’s ready for anything the Broken Skull Challenge has to offer. Despite all his MMA training and working out 4 hours a day, Brian’s main focus now is being a single dad to his three kids. If he wins, Brian plans to spend the $10,000 on his twin boys and baby girl. 

Ryan, 26 
5’10” 167lbs
Hometown: Sherman Oaks, CA
Occupation: Financial Analyst
Specialty: Weightlifting 

This Financial Analyst likes to go from crushing numbers to crushing skulls. Ryan can deadlift over 400lbs and participates in obstacle course competitions as a hobby. When asked what’s his favorite part of his body, he answers, “my whole body”. Pushing his body in competitions to point of throwing up is not uncommon for Ryan. The reason why he came to Broken Skull Challenge was “to win 10 grand, and to show other guys what true fitness is about.” Ryan would like to use that $10,000 to help pay for his brother’s college education. 

David, 26 
5’8” 150lbs
Hometown: Yucaipa, CA
Occupation: Musician
Specialty: Karate

As a musician, David is used to performing on the big stage and under pressure. With a background in martial arts and training in jujitsu, he says his desire to win will supersede anyone that stands in front of him. While he may be one of the smallest guys at the ranch, he plans on using his size and quickness to his advantage against his competitors. David would like to use the $10,000 to help his mom and invest in his non-profit organization.

Joe, 24 
5’9”, 170lbs
Hometown: Bartlett, TN
Occupation: Body Guard
Specialty: Wrestling

This 24 year old comes to the Broken Skull Challenge for one reason only - to prove he is “the baddest mother f***** this side of West Tennessee”. As an unarmed bodyguard, Joe has traveled to many third world countries and, as he puts it, “goes into places where guns can’t.” Just like in his line of work, Joe plans on just blending in and then sneaking up on the competition. At 5’9 170lbs, he has to be meaner because he’s smaller. This country boy is hoping to win that $10,000 to help give his fiancé the wedding of her dreams. 

Michael, 43
5’10” 175lbs
Hometown: Tampa, FL
Occupation: Former Navy Pilot
Specialty: CrossFit

With 18 years as a Navy Pilot, Michael knows what it’s like to be in high pressure situations. The elder statesman of the group is in the best shape of his life and is ready to hold his own against the “young guns.” It’s the mental toughness that he feels will give him an edge in this competition. With the $10,000, Michael would like to help out some friends back in San Diego and maybe buy a new surfboard.

Jeff, 31
5’8”, 145lbs
Hometown: Hudson, MA
Occupation: Iron Worker
Specialty: Distance Racing

Jeff is a cancer survivor who has overcome more things by age 31 than most people do in a lifetime. The Massachusetts native once lost a finger during a sawing accident at work. His current job as an iron worker in New York has him 10 stories up, building bridges or buildings, with eight ton pieces of steal coming at him with no place to go but down. In his leisure time, Jeff likes to relax with hand to hand combat Muay Thai training and run Ultramarathons. If Jeff wins the $10,000, he plans to head to Thailand and train in Muay Thai for as long as the money will last him. 

Doug, 36
5’7” 180lbs
Hometown: Washingtonville, NY
Occupation: Marine Veteran
Specialty: CrossFit

This New Yorker is as mentally tough as they come. As a former Marine, Doug has been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan 6 times, so he is ready for anything Steve Austin has to offer. Doug came to the Broken Skull Challenge to see how his 13 years of military training stacks up against the competition. He plans on using his winnings to help soldiers who suffer from Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder. 


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