Episode 105 Cast Bios

Michael, 41 
5’9” 180 lbs.
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Occupation: Pro Wrestler
Specialty: Weightlifting

Michael is a tough guy with an attitude. Always looking for competition, he comes to the Broken School Ranch to prove he is a bad ass. He has spent over fifteen years in the ring as a pro wrestler and has wrestled in front of thousands, so he is perfectly comfortable in the spotlight. People say he is intimidating and he loves every second of it. If Mike takes home the $10,000, he plans on buying a brand new car. 

Josh, 32
6’0” 195lbs.
Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Occupation: Youth Athletic Trainer
Specialty: Distance Running

“Slow feet, don’t eat, that’s why we compete, and I’ll be damned if I fall victim to defeat” is Josh’s life motto. The youth athletic trainer believes he has the perfect physique to be successful at the Broken Skull Challenge and is not afraid to show it. With the $10,000 grand prize, Josh would be able to buy top of the line athletic equipment for his youth training program.

Dave, 29
5’9, 190 lbs.
Hometown: Waterford, MI
Occupation: High School Math Teacher 
Specialty: CrossFit

A high school math teacher by day and an avid cross fitter by night, Dave recently placed in the Top 5 and Top 8 of two national CrossFit competitions. He’s always overlooked as being tough because he is a teacher. Dave plans to sneak up on the competition and give them a lesson in toughness. The Waterford, MI native has an entire school cheering him on. He’s hoping to win the $10,000, so he can invest in educating his students on nutrition and fitness. 

Giovannie, 23
5’11” 195 lbs.
Hometown: Inglewood, CA
Occupation: Professional Football Player 
Specialty: Football Player

This 23 year old has played football all his life and is used to dealing with lineman twice his size. After he leaves the ranch, Gio is headed overseas to play professional Football in Europe. In the gym, Gio does a lot of Olympic weight lifting, which he says gives him the monster legs that generate all his power. Gio hopes to use the $10,000 winnings to see his mom in Jamaica who he hasn’t seen in five years. 

Joe, 30
5’10” 181 lbs.
Hometown: Woodridge, IL
Occupation: Ex-Army Ranger
Specialty: CrossFit

Joe is an Ex-Army Ranger who’s done 2 tours in Iraq. The 30 year old has now dedicated his life to fitness and works as a strength and conditioning coach back in Woodbridge, IL. Joe doesn’t have a big sports background, but says his military training gives him all the physical and mental toughness he’ll need to be successful on the ranch. Joe wants to use that $10,000, to help pay for his two kids’ college funds. 

Grey, 23
5’10” 180 lbs.
Hometown: Marshall, TX
Occupation: Retail Manager
Specialty: Soccer 

Grey is a physical specimen. Power, agility and speed. He attributes that speed and power to soccer and his fifteen years of playing the sport. The 23 year old is in the gym seven days a week. CrossFit, weight training, you name it, Grey will do anything to stay in the shape he’s in. If Grey wins the $10,000, he plans on using the money to help pay off student loans and take his wife on a shopping spree.

Keith, 23
5’11” 185 lbs.
Hometown: Dallas, TX 
Occupation: Student
Specialty: Track and Field 

Keith is one of the most intense competitors to ever visit the ranch. The Dallas, TX native is a former collegiate champion in Track and Field. The 23 year old grew up in a tough neighborhood that taught him it’s better to be the predator then the prey. Keith is currently pursing his MBA in Business Administration. He hopes to use the $10,000, to start up a non-profit for cancer research. Keith’s father passed away from cancer three years ago. 

Nick, 33
5’11” 190 lbs.
Hometown: Des Moines, IA 
Occupation: Trainer
Specialty: Bodybuilding

Nick is a former firefighter who now trains firefighters. He knows how to stay cool under pressure. On the weekends, Nick likes to put on the boxing gloves and go one on one in the ring. Despite being from Iowa, Nick has never hunted before, but plans on changing that once he gets to the ranch. If he wins the $10,000, Nick plans to invest it in his gym.


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