Episode 106 Cast Bios

Shelly, 34
5’3’ 123 Lbs.
Hometown: Deltona, FL
Occupation: Wealth Management COO
Specialty: Powerlifting

This chief operating officer has beauty and brawn. Shelly is a competitive body builder who is also ranked 7th in the nation for power lifting in her weight class. She can dead lift over 330 pounds. If Shelly wins the $10,000, she plans on taking a trip to Thailand to study.

Briana, 27
5’5’ 118 Lbs.
Hometown: New York, NY
Occupation: Tattoo Designer
Specialty: Yoga

Briana finds her strength and focus through practicing yoga. She believes that her yoga training will be the difference maker in the competition. When not doing tattoo design, she takes care of kids with special needs. If Briana wins the $10,000, she plans on using it to help her get certified as a yoga instructor.

Kristen, 39
5’4’ 125 Lbs.
Hometown: Cypress, CA
Occupation: Special Olympics Coach
Specialty: Kung Fu

Kristen considers herself freakishly strong. When she’s not in the ring fighting in an MMA match, she can be found coaching kids in the Special Olympics. She has a black belt in Shaolin Kung Fu and a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. If Kristine wins the $10,000, she plans on taking a trip to Tahiti for a well needed vacation.

Tina, 36
5’3’ 116 Lbs.
Hometown: Waltham, MA
Occupation: Insurance Broker
Specialty: Long Distance Running

Tina is a working mother of three little boys that keep her busy non-stop. She does her Insanity work-outs, lifts weights and runs everyday to keep herself sane and in shape. If Tina wins the $10,000, she plans on taking her family to Disney World because they have never been.

Randalene, 32
5’4’ 120Lbs.
Hometown: Morehead, Kentucky
Occupation: Promotional Model
Specialty: Olympic Lifting

Randalene is a bikini and fitness model that would drink botox if she could. She’s a former US Track and Field pole vaulter who knows all about what it takes to win. She hits the gym two hours a day doing CrossFit and strength training. If Randalene wins the $10,000, she plans on taking a trip back to Kentucky to see her family.

Danielle, 41
5’2’ 115 Lbs.
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Occupation: Domestic Warrior
Specialty: Power Weightlifting

Danielle got involved in fitness to help her dad, who was battling prostate cancer. Together they got in shape, and now they enter fitness competitions together. She’s a mother of twin five year old girls. She loves to weight lift and body build. If Danielle wins the $10,000, she plans on using it to help her and her father keep entering fitness competitions.

Ashley, 26
5’0’ 113 Lbs.
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Occupation: Health Analyst
Specialty: Distance Running

Ashley may be a small girl, but she packs a punch. She kickboxes and runs five to six miles a day. She has mostly done solo competitions, so going up against other women is something she is looking forward to do. If Ashley wins the $10,000, she plans on using it to pay off her student loans.

Morgan, 23
5’1’ 120 Lbs.
Hometown: Georgetown, TX
Occupation: Office Manager
Specialty: CrossFit

A feisty little girl with a lot of power, Morgan CrossFits five days a week. She also holds a black belt in World Tang Soo Do. She feels her best assets are her powerful legs. If she wins the $10,000, she plans on using it for cosmetology school.


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