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Coy & Shorty

Photo Credit: Johnny Gembitsky

There’s Mutt and Jeff. Abbott and Costello. And then there’s Shorty and his dad, Coy Gomez. This mismatched duo lives a couple of miles down the road from Bayou Pigeon. But being fishermen who live off the swamp, much of their time is spent at Rick’s place, looking for work and seafood that they can turn around and sell “in the hood.” They would make perfect business partners, except for the fact that Coy and Shorty couldn’t be more different: Coy is bayou-bred, a tall backwoods gentleman who’s quiet, reserved and thoughtfulm, and stands in total contrast to the brash and scattershot Shorty. And while they disagree on just about everything – from living arrangements and what constitutes good business to merely what to have for dinner – there’s never a doubt that Coy loves his son and wants the best for him… if only Shorty would listen to reason every once in a while.

Brian "Shorty" Gomez may be short in stature, but this boy’s big on personality. When he was born in Baton Rouge, doctors gave him a 1 in 10 chance to live. He beat the odds on that birthday, and he’s been doing so ever since. He doesn’t live in Bayou Pigeon, but the residents know him well, bestowing him with the affectionate and obvious nickname “Shorty.” And though he’s topped out at four feet tall, he’s made his way through life schemin ’ and strivin’, and taking on whatever good fortune came his way. Now, at one point that put him at odds with the law; but since then, he’s been doing his best to stay on the straight-and-narrow. And as he drifts from project to project and hustle to hustle, he’s found his niche in Bayou Pigeon – as the man with the gift of gab who’ll never turn down an opportunity to make a dollar.


   Swamp Pawn